wow ok so it's been nearly a year since i've posted on this tumblr, sorry followers... who haven't abandoned me yet

anyway, i figured that since i have yet to do so, i should probably warn all of you that, if you haven't already guessed, i won't be using or posting on this tumblr anymore. my interests have changed quite a bit within the past year (really 2 years but i still kept up with this tumblr up until this past year) and what i used to post doesn't really interest me anymore unfortunately (i still love disney, but i have most definitely moved on from 1d aka more than half of what this tumblr was originally for).

however, that being said, i still have my archive up for anyone who wants to still view it. if you want to find me on tumblr, i have my current ((it's kpop you have been warned)) tumblr linked below.

so i'll leave it at that then, hope i didn't forget anything. thank you guys for following me in the first place... and sorry i couldn't keep it going!


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- oflothlorien -